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End of Hiatus

The hiatus is over.  I’ve successfully jumped many hurdles, and am now in a new and exciting phase in my life.  I have free time again, yay me!  I’ve decided to give the WordPress mobile app a whirl, to see if it’s worthwhile to write something significant only using my Nexus 7 tablet.  Let’s see how that goes…


Introduction: The Case for Automated Scaffolding

     Scaffolding? Automation? This is probably where most people would stop reading. How could this subject possibly be interesting? For me, it’s not just interesting, it’s exciting! It’s not just a cheap thrill, it’s constantly held my passion and focus for years now. If you have the courage to read on, you will either discover the monomaniacal obsession of an eccentric bearded nerd, or perhaps… something very wonderful indeed. You decide.

      The first thing that makes this exciting is that I take a very broad interpretation of the word “scaffolding”. Not just something for construction workers, I’m working on a re-think on how just about any man made structure is built. This means that this is a huge deal. The possible uses for automated scaffolding can be about as varied as the uses for computer chips, but it’s good to start with something people know and are familiar with. This is why I chose to use the word “scaffolding” instead of a long list of other technical terms. This is an introduction, after all.

      Scaffolding in it’s current form hasn’t changed much since the early 1900’s, and has existed since the dawn of time (paleolithic era). There are many fancy scaffolding systems in use today, but they all lack a combination of certain general qualities that I think are necessary, though these qualities are relatively easy to add in.


  • Cheap, simple, locally available, appropriate structure.
  • Simple, modular, machine build-able structure.
  • Built in such a way that the building machines travel throughout the structure as it is built, instead of building it from the outside.
  • In the same way as the building machines can travel, general cargo machines can haul anything throughout the structure.

      This combination of feature gives this kind of scaffolding infinite possibility, and this is why I think it is so exciting. Having cheap, self-building structures, that can contain any combination of materials or machinery within, all automated, will bring industry, technology, and society to a place almost unimaginable except in science fiction. It could truly lead to a new era of the industrial revolution. If you think this is awesome too, please, read on in my blog. I will be posting chapter candidates for my book soon, as well as random thoughts and ideas. I would love all input, and hopefully, collaboration.



Welcome one and all!

Welcome to Spatial Automation.  I made this blog to share my book writing with friends, family, and the world.  Since I’m not an experienced writer, I would love any feedback.  So far my most productive method is to pick an idea, and write about it.  This works well, but so far, collecting my work into chapters is a mysterious and scary process that I have not even attempted yet, so any input from an editing point of view is most appreciated.

First, I’ll write a brief primer on the general concepts I want to share, then I will start posting chapter candidates that I have alread written.  Then, I’ll start sharing new writing as I write it.  Also, I will start documenting the work so far on a working prototype.

All that being said, if nothing else, I hope you enjoy my wacky ideas!