I’ve designed the upper and lower mechanical thirds of my machine, this time on a 150mm grid.  The last time it was a 100mm grid, and the biggest design problem was shoehorning all the components into such a small frame.  This is easy in comparison, but not so big that the components can’t still do what they need to do.

One prototype has been 3d printed, motors have been added (2 steppers and 1 servo), and tested for full functionality.  It mostly moves the way I want it to.  Yay me!

I’m divided about what to do next…  half of me wants to do some tweaks and improvements so I have a V2 that is nicer.  The other half of me wants to work on the mid-body.  Stay tuned on which I will attempt…

Googly eyes!!!!
I simply could not resist putting googly eyes in the wheel hubs.

This blog is not dead yet.

It’s been a long time since the last post.  A lot of work has gone undocumented, but also a lot of nothing going on.

There has been a host of half finished and aborted attempts at prototyping a device to travel through the scaffolding system.

I’m posting now because I have re-thought some assumptions I have made about this device, and have come to the conclusion that I have been over-complicating things.  Stay tuned for a redesign and hopefully a finished prototype.  It’s the best kind, simpler yet as effective, I believe.


Spatial Grid Maximum Volume

Explanation:  I drew a profile of the minimum clearance a mobile unit would need, in x, y, and z directions.  I then extruded these paths in three dimensions, and inverted them, to show the absolute maximum shape and dimensions of any grid structure.  This will be handy in any future design of actual structural pieces, as this shape is the boundary that can’t be crossed.

Quality Improvement

Well, I’m getting better at Blender, and things are looking good.  Here’s the results!  Soon, I will move on to more interesting and complex stuff.  For a video, click the image.

RASA module anim
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